About Us


AKADEMİK TARIM was established in 1998 in Antalya/TURKEY. It has undertaken as a duty to serve this lands for 20 years. Since its foundation it aims to produce the best, healthiest products that protect soil and unharming to humans and the environment.

As AKADEMİK TARIM, we produce many plant nutrition fertilizer including organic, organomineral, drip, liquid macro element,micro element, pH regulators and foliar fertilizers. Through dealers in our country and abroad we serve our farmers. We have aimed to grow in our sector and continue to produce healthy, residue-free, soil-friendly and reliable products.

As AKADEMİK TARIM, we wish our farmers to have abundant products and fruitful earnings.

Our Mission

As AKADEMİK TARIM, we are working to find a solution to the food shortage caused by the rapidly growing world population, rising costs and decreasing resources ,to get better quality and high efficiency from the unit area by managing the agricultural areas well. Our priority is to grow better quality and clean plants for human health by producing fertilizers that are safe, unharming to humans and the environment, protect the soil, do not form heavy metals in the soil.

Our Vision

The vision of AKADEMİK TARIM is to produce products that will not be harmful to people, nature and carry no health risks by focusing on R & D studies and to ensure that they are marketed in a way that can turn into the highest quality, cheapest and most beneficial to the manufacturer in the light of Science and to constantly renew themselves.